Code of Business Conduct

“The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct & Government Contracting Compliance Policy set forth the requirements and expectations for conducting the government contracting business of Centron consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and the highest standards of business ethics. This Code is designed to fulfill Centron’s responsibilities to comply fully with both the spirit and letter of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) 52.203-13 Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.”
We are committed to continuous improvement, personal development, and upholding our Core Values. This requires all of us to work together to create a culture of honesty, responsibility, and accountability. Each of us at the end of our working day should feel proud of what we have accomplished and how we accomplished it. Centron will be a leader in every aspect of our business. Our passion at Centron not only drives us to make a significant impact with our customers but also the lives and careers of our people and the wellbeing of the communities in which we work and live.
We share the responsibility of making our Core Values a central part of our everyday business activities so that our stellar reputation is maintained. You are expected to embrace these values and allow them to guide every decision you make on behalf of the Company. We are confident that our trust in you is well-placed. Centron also will do everything in its power to live by these standards:


At Centron, we believe that management and employees share accountability for business ethics. We provide tools and resources to help all of us understand and maintain our standards of ethical business conduct.


We take quality seriously at Centron Industries. We view quality as fundamental to our business activities. We will deliver excellence and continually strive to always be "best in class." All aspects of our organization are focused on the customer's satisfaction and expectations.


Our policy of on-time delivery is an integral part of our commitment to quality as well as customer satisfaction. Whether you use us for your engineering or manufacturing needs, you can rely on us to give you what you are looking for on time.


Our products will be first-rate, quality products in terms of value received for dollars paid. For over three decades, we have delivered high-quality, reliable products at the best price.

Competitive challenges within the workspace place pressure on us all. This pressure to succeed can never be an excuse for making decisions that would compromise our Core Values. Our teaming partners and clients expect and deserve nothing less than the highest level of ethical business practices from every employee at Centron. We take pride in our ability to accomplish greatness without compromising our Core Values.