About Centron Industries

Centron is specialized in electronic and electro-mechanical components and modules.

Centron Industries, Inc. Headquarters
in Carson, CA

Centron Industries, Inc. is your manufacturing source for military and commercial electronic devices. We are committed to delivering technologically superior products for the best price. Centron has been supplying the U.S. Department of Defense as well as the aerospace, communications, computer, and instrumentation industries with our products since 1982. As a leader in our industry, we set the standard through our three core principles: product quality, on-time delivery, and price.

In addition, we design and manufacture various RF products such as oscillators, phase shifters, low noise amplifiers (LNA), band pass filters (BPF), tunable band pass filters (BPF), RF switches, etc. We have the expertise to design and manufacture any of these RF products to customer requirements and specifications.

We draw on years of experience combined with stringent process controls to ensure the highest quality and reliability amongst all of our products. Our Quality Assurance Department performs continuous in-process inspections and monitors all functional/final testing operations. We participate in numerous military programs and apply the disciplines of these programs within our quality assurance procedures. Our techniques guarantee that we will deliver high quality and reliable products consistently to all of our customers.

Each Centron customer is important to us, and we take our customer’s delivery schedule as seriously as our product performance. We not only promise high-quality products, but we also promise to deliver them to you on time. Centron’s customer service is dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied.

Our philosophy at Centron is simple and has remained the same since the company was founded. We are committed to offering our customers high-quality products on time for the best price.

Backward-Compatible Products

A leader in Naval Tactical Data Systems (NTDS) I/O protocol since 1982, CENTRON serves military customers and defense contractors around the world. CENTRON’s technology is found in products built by prime original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Lockheed Martin, ULTRA, Raytheon, and Boeing. Our boards enable the use of weapon systems and sensors like missiles, lasers, and sonar. We continue to support products that we created more than 25 years ago. Our technology rarely breaks and never becomes obsolete. We constantly do research and development so that replacement parts will always be available.

Defense Technology

CENTRON builds reliable and relevant products that meet our customers’ needs. With more than 25 years of experience in military command and control systems and technology, we understand the challenges that our customers face and work with them to form the solution. We help customers from design to installation to support.

First-Class Support

CENTRON ensures your project’s success through attentive customer service and extensive follow-on support. Customers attest to our accessibility and responsiveness, crediting our team for exceeding their expectations. We walk customers’ through installations step-by-step so that they configure their systems properly. We often go so far as to help them change switch settings, update drivers, or even rewrite code at no additional cost.

Whether you are upgrading to the latest military command and control system or prolonging end-of-life technology, CENTRON offers dependable solutions with best-in-class technical support and customer service.