Centron Designs and Manufactures Military Electronic and
Mechanical Parts for the U. S. Department of Defense and Hi-Rel RF Components.

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High Quality

We take quality seriously at Centron Industries. We view quality as fundamental to our business success. We will deliver excellence and continually strive to always be "best in class." All aspects of our organization are focused on the customer's satisfaction and expectations.

On Time Delivery

Our policy of on-time delivery is an integral part of our commitment to quality as well as customer satisfaction. Whether you use us for your engineering or manufacturing needs, you can rely on us for getting what you are looking for on time.

Best Value

Our products will be first-rate, quality products in terms of value received for dollars paid. For over three decades, we have delivered high-quality, reliable products at the best price.


At Centron, we believe that management and employees share accountability for business ethics. We provide tools and resources to help all of us understand and maintain our standards of ethical business conduct.

Our Products

Our facilities are capable of manufacturing products in the electronic, electro-mechanical, optics, and other technology spaces. The type of products we have manufactured for our customers ranges from simple wire harnesses, cable assemblies, connector assemblies, and circuit card assemblies to complex electronic equipment such as conditioned diphase adapters, range safety controls, and missile guidance sets.


Tunable RF Filter




Circuit Card Assembly

Circuit Card Assembly

Circuit Card Assembly


Loudspeaker Control Unit


Mounting Base, Electrical


Centron Industries provides comprehensive engineering and product development services as per customer requirements and specifications. Clients can work and consult with our engineers throughout the entire product development cycle – from design and prototype development to full production. We are proud of our ability to customize and accommodate individual customer requests. Our engineering services can be used for a variety of electronic and electro-mechanical parts for military and industrial use.

Centron’s engineering staff consists of electrical and mechanical engineers with substantial experience and technical knowledge. Our engineers are experts in their fields and are capable of developing and manufacturing a broad range of products.