airflow system

Model No. C0607-500

This airflow unit monitors the airflow in air ventilation and exhaust ducts. It provides local and remote, audible and visual alarms for loss of power, low airflow, and sensor failure.

The user-friendly pushbutton interface and digital display allows operation parameters to be changed in the field to suit specific installation requirements. The internal location of program switch, power switch, and fuses provides system integrity and prevents accidental program modification.

  • Microprocessor controlled unit
  • Visual and Audible alarm indication
  • Airflow monitoring for 0 to 5000fpm
  • All factory default values are field changeable via user interface
  • 115VAC, 60Hz / 220VAC, 50Hz operations with complete battery backup
  • Monitoring and annunciation of loss
  • Primary power and battery use
  • Interface with RTD sensors and remote sensor locations up to 500 feet Safety protection with internal program access and front panel access to all display variables
  • Input Power : 115VAC, 60Hz/220VAC, 50Hz single phase
  • Heat dissipation : 171BTU/hour, 50W max
  • Remote Alarms : Tristate IC.SM type
  • Sensor : DRTD
  • Operation Temperature: : -40˚C to 150˚C
  • Humidity : Mil-Std-810C / 95% RH, Max.
  • Shock : Mil-Std-901D
  • Vibration : Mil-Std-167-1
  • EMI : Mil-Std-461C
  • Drip proof : Mil-S-108E
  • Temperature : Mil-Std-2036
  • Spike Voltage : Mil-Std-2036

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